Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is polyamory, open relationships or ethical non-monogamy?
    Ethical Non-Monogamy is the practice of having multiple partners (be they emotional and/or sexual) with the knowledge and acceptance of all involved. The Ethical Non-Monogamy umbrella as designed in this Map of Non-Monogamy, encapsulates both Open Relationships (typically any relationship that is not sexually monogamous; a relationship that permits “outside” sexual entanglements, but not necessarily emotional relationships) and Polyamory (the practice of maintaining multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships simultaneously, with the full knowledge and consent of all involved)
  • What is the difference between Polygamy and Polyamory?
    Polygamy is the marriage contract between one person and their multiple partners. It can be polygyny (one male, several partners) or polyandry (one female, several partners). The relationships are governed by the lead partner and typically their role is sanctioned by their religious community. This lead partner is the only partner to have the right to take on new partners, although the knowledge of current partners and their acceptance is considered a key factor to the marriage covenant. Polyamory can be any configuration of gender and quantity from one person having multiple partners, a smaller group of a few partners who may or may not all be involved with each other to an extended network of unlimited partners. It can also include a relationship where one partner is monogamous and the other is polyamorous, known as mono-poly. Most commonly, all involved have equal rights and responsibilities as well as full knowledge and consent of other partners. There are no set rules to how these relationships work. They are negotiated on an individual basis. For as many people who practice polyamory, there are that many configurations.
  • I have no experience, will I fit in?
    Our group has a great balance of novice and seasoned members. This is a great place to start the learning process, even if you‘re unsure if this relationship style is for you. You’ll have access to a number of knowledgeable members who are actively and successfully living this lifestyle.
  • Is this a dating site?
    No, we are not a dating site. While connections may naturally happen between members, the purpose of our group is not to provide a forum for members to “pick up” other members.
  • What types of events do you hold?
    Our primary community-building activity is offering social and educational events for our members. Here is a sample:

    • Chat and Learn discussions on topics relevant to the polyamory lifestyle: Poly 101, Dealing with Jealousy, Coming Out to the People in Our Lives, Negotiating Boundaries in Open Relationships, Safer Sex Info Session, etc.,
    • Poly Movie Socials featuring mainstream films relevant to the poly lifestyle,
    • Potlucks and Mix & Mingles,
    • Participation in the Pride Parade,
    • Tristan Taormino “Opening Up” Workshop,
    • Road Trips to relevant events such as the Poly Living Conference.
  • What are the cost of your events?
    Most of our events are free. We generally only charge a small fee when there is a cost to provide the event and it is usually between $10-$25. We do accept donations at most events and this helps to subsidize future events and meetup fees. All monies collected are reported back to the membership.
  • What is Polyamory Toronto’s Privacy Policy? How do you handle Confidentiality?
    We make every effort possible to maintain members privacy and enhance members comfort. We are a private meetup group which means our membership base is protected and limited to others within the group. Our events and their locations are kept private to our members only. Events that are cross promoted in broader communities are identified within the event description. We also have a Code of Conduct and Terms of Use document for your reference.We value our members comfort and safety, as well as their feedback. Should there be any questions, we are always happy to ensure your enjoyment within the group and address any areas of concern. If problems arise, members may contact Organizers Eva, Daniel or Rae, and if desired, arrange a personal meeting or phone conversation to discuss the issue.
  • What are the requirements for joining?
    We have two main requirements: A properly filled out profile with the four questions answered in a conscientious manner and a personal facial photo. Nudity, group shots where the owner of the profile is indistinguishable or any image that is not a photo of you will not be accepted. Additionally, if you change your profile picture once accepted to a restricted image, this will be grounds for removal. If you have privacy concerns, an acceptable discreet photo idea can be found with this example. For accuracy in managing attendance and maintaining group statistics, individual profiles are preferred although joint profiles will not be declined.