Blogging Guidelines

Polyamorous Living in Toronto is proud to establish a Blog space that will feature well-written and high quality original articles related to Polyamory, Open Relationships and Non-Monogamy. To go along with it, here are some guidelines for those interested in contributing to this space.

There are two ways to contribute to the Polyamorous Living in Toronto Blog space, 2 types of bloggers:

  • Regular, Consistent Contributor

  • Sporadic, Guest Contributor

The Main Organizers of Polyamorous Living in Toronto will accept and review all interested members’ requests to be a regular, consistent contributor.  A Blogging Sub-Committee will be created from this core group of interested volunteers.  The Blogging Team will be responsible for the following areas:

  1. Sharing editing responsibilities on an as needed basis

  2. Establish timeline goals and flexible schedule for blog publications (ie once per week, month, etc)

  3. Accepting Guest blogger submissions, editing and publishing as required

  4. Monitoring comments in the Blog Space and address issues as they arise

Blog Writer Guidelines

This area will govern all blog writers regardless of status (regular or guest contributor).

1. Quality Expectations and Requirements

Polyamorous Living in Toronto will accept original, unpublished work only.  Your article cannot have appeared anywhere else in print or online.  Once your article is published with us, you agree that it will not be published in the same form else where.  A link to our site is an acceptable form of sharing your article.

There will be a strong adherence to proper attribution of data, quotations and other third-party content referenced in the article.  Give credit where credit is due.

Keep sensitive, proprietary, confidential and financial information about Polyamorous Living in Toronto, its members and event specifics, in confidence.  Don’t reference members who have told you not to mention them.  If you are unsure, please obtain consent before submitting.

Your article must be accompanied by a brief 2-3 sentence author bio.

Please avoid being self-promotional in the body of your article.  Save that for your author bio.

Blog posts and authors need to help build and support the community, not only through blog posting but also by replying to comments.  By doing this, we will create a safe space for the poly community and encourage more people to visit the site.

All submissions must meet the Polyamorous Living in Toronto Blogging Team’s quality standards in order to be published.  We reserve the right to decline or edit submissions.

2. Preferred Topics and Subjects

Well-written and high quality original articles relating to Polyamory, Open Relationships and Non-Monogamy.  While we will allow for creative licence, one of these three components should be present.

3. Length and Links limit

There will be no minimum/maximum length requirements.  Posts should be as long as necessary to maintain high quality and be comprehensive.

We value quality over quantity.  The internet is filled with content on polyamory and related topics.  We strive for blog posts that are thought provoking, entertaining and/or educational.

Links add depth to the article but too many can leave a reader feeling overwhelmed and confused.  Stick to original content as much as possible and provide a few links to enhance your article.

4. Image Requirements

Writer will provide proper attribution of images used when readily available.  Give credit where credit is due.

5. Republish Rights

As stated above, once your article has been published at Polyamorous Living in Toronto, it becomes the sole property of that site.  Republishing is not permitted.  Linking to the site is an acceptable means of sharing.

6. Editorial Policies

The Polyamorous Living in Toronto Blogging Team reserves the right to edit and adapt your blog content as we see fit before publishing. However, as a common courtesy, we will share these edits with you prior to publishing, upon request.

7. Formatting Preferences

Posts submitted in HTML (preferable) or in a Word Doc with any image files (including attribution) attached separately.

8. Final Disclaimers

The opinions expressed within all blog entries are that of the author and not necessarily that of Polyamorous Living in Toronto and its members.

No payment will be involved for blogging content.  Contribution is done on a voluntary basis.

Authors will have drafting rights only while publishing privileges will be reserved for the Polyamorous Living in Toronto Blogging Team.