Community Events

Welcome to Polyamorous Living in Toronto! Our events are private and happening across the Greater Toronto Area. This website acts as a landing page to increase visibility of our private group.

If you wish to attend any of our upcoming events visit our private meetup group at If you are not already a member, please read our Member Expectations first.

Our requirements to joining are 1) a thoughtfully filled out profile (no one word answers), 2) an acceptable photo (including a privacy option) and 3) acknowledgement of reading our expectations.

 Examples of past events include:

  • Connecting the Dots discussions on topics relevant to the polyamory lifestyle: Polyam 101, Dealing with Jealousy, Coming Out to the People in Our Lives, Negotiating Boundaries in Open Relationships, Safer Sex Info Session, Solo Polyamory, Customizing Our Relationships, Purging Mono-centric Thinking, etc.,
  • Polyam Movie Socials featuring mainstream films relevant to the polyam lifestyle,
  • Socials, Potlucks and Mix & Mingles,
  • Annual Speed Dating Event,
  • Monthly Game Nights,
  • Chocolate Crawls,
  • Nature Hikes,
  • Participation in the Pride Parade,
  • Participation and Sponsorship of Toronto’s Playground Conference,
  • Tristan Taormino “Opening Up” Workshop,
  • Reid Mihalko Workshops on Jealousy,
  • Jeff Perera’s Workshop of Being an Ally,
  • Kevin Patterson’s Workshop of Race and Polyamory,
  • Road Trips to relevant events such as the Poly Living Conference.