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I'm very excited to meet with other like minded people in this community. Here are a few labels that currently fit me: Genderfluid Femme, Relationship Anarchist, Solo Poly, INFJ, Activist and Educator. My pronouns are fluid but she/her are most prominent

ARCHIVED: Safer Space Guidelines and Member Expectations

These Guidelines were in place from March 2015 until June 2020 and are now replaced with more fulsome Member Expectations. Our Goals Our goals are to offer a safe space for people to explore polyamory, discuss resources, socialize with like-minded

Happy 7th Anniversary Polyamory Toronto!

Happy 7th Anniversary to the wonderful folks of our community! We are fresh off the heels of our anniversary party last night so I am a tired bear. We decided to try combining our anniversary party with our monthly pub

Polyamory Toronto Speed Dating Information ~ About Gender

*Originally posted to our Meetup Page Feb. 14, 2016 and saved here to preserve the content* About Gender with Polyam Speed Dating It is very important to us that we promote inclusive events. There is a large spectrum of gender

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A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

I find symbolism for my life in some of the strangest places sometimes. Today it was in my kitchen, specifically my cutlery drawer as I was unloading my dishwasher.  I have my main cutlery drawer and what I like to

A Rambling on Solo-Polyamory

I have a strong belief in non-monogamy and multiple deeply committed relationships.  That’s what makes me Polyamorous.  For me, it manifests in a form that is often referred to as Solo-polyamory although a more accurate description for myself would be

Happy 3rd Anniversary Polyamory Toronto

Below is a copy of the anniversary letter written for our private community, located on meetup Happy International Women’s Day and Happy 3rd Anniversary to Polyamory Toronto!! It is a hot time for Polyamory Toronto! The start of 2014 has

The 10 Things Candy Crush Taught Me About Being Polyamorous

The latest online game to sweep across my social circle is The Candy Crush Saga and it recently celebrated its one year anniversary.  I avoided it for a long time; simple lack of extra energy and stubbornness to not get

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