Happy 3rd Anniversary Polyamory Toronto

Below is a copy of the anniversary letter written for our private community, located on meetup

Happy International Women’s Day and Happy 3rd Anniversary to Polyamory Toronto!!

It is a hot time for Polyamory Toronto! The start of 2014 has rejuvenated people’s energy and commitment to themselves and their happiness. As a community, I am proud to see people flourish and expand their horizons!
As I reflect on the past year, I can’t help but turn to the numbers … the numbers don’t lie. This time last year, we were celebrating having 500 members and a regular line up of events that were well participated in. This year, we added a growth of over 300 new members. Some have stayed with us, some have taken what they needed while passing through. Nonetheless, the message of loving more than one is being heard loud and clear! And our events are growing ever popular.

There has been some exciting chatter around the table at our Group Planning meetings. Our vision of serving the Southern Ontario community has stretched to more national and worldwide possibilities.  Of course our heart and soul will always be dedicated to the grassroots of our local community and our local events but the options presented to us are intriguing.

Firstly, we’ve been focusing some of our attentions in reaching more people, in sharing that polyamory is a viable relationship structure and option.  We successfully launched our website which will assist in getting our message out there.  We’re especially proud of the blogging area and the prospects that will come from it. If you haven’t already taken a peek around, please take some time to do so.  And if you have any recommendations for content, our community leaders welcome your feedback. Having this public identity has enabled us greater freedom in reaching more people than our private meetup group currently allows. It’s a win, win overall. Rest assured though that our meetup group will remain private and there are still procedures in place before someone gains access to private event information.

Secondly, we’ve been engaging in conversations with community leaders in other areas and these conversations have presented us with some pretty interesting projects.  Samantha Fraser of Not Your Mother’s Playground has often been an ally to this community and we’re looking to strengthen this relationship by directly contributing polyamory-specific content to her annual Playground conference in November.  Look for further information on this in the coming weeks and months.  It’s a big task but one we’re eager to take on.  We’ve also established an ongoing relationship with members of the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA).  While the CPAA is primarily located in the west of Canada, it is an organization that is dedicated to Canada as a whole.  Board members are interested in having more cross-national members and input.  The CPAA successfully held their first PolyCon in Vancouver in 2013.  They have now opened up the possibilities of having future PolyCon’s throughout the country.  Polyamory Toronto is interested in hosting an event of this stature in the future; hopefully in 2015.  We will be submitting our proposal in the next few months.  Other cities that are contenders are Vancouver and Montreal.  This would be a tremendous undertaking and one that carries a great deal of risk. Our leadership team would be looking to our membership for various forms of support (volunteering, content, fundraising, etc).  In saying all that, we’re are still very optimistic that Polyamory Toronto and Toronto in general could promote and host a successful PolyCon!

On behalf of the Community Leadership contributors, I’d like to say thank you for your efforts and participation in making Polyamory Toronto what it is today. The journey has been a challenging but fulfilling one for most of us.  We look forward to celebrating on Tuesday at our Anniversary event with those who can attend.

Sincerely, Eva


I'm very excited to meet with other like minded people in this community. Here are a few labels that currently fit me: Genderfluid Femme, Relationship Anarchist, Solo Poly, INFJ, Activist and Educator. My pronouns are fluid but she/her are most prominent