Happening Soon in the GTHA

Our events are private and happening across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

If you wish to attend any of our upcoming events visit our private meetup group at meetup.com. If you are not already a member follow the steps there to apply for membership of our group..

 Group Planning Meeting ~ Open to all Members – December 14, 2105

Members of the group are invited to attend community leadership meetings; to listen to the discussion, provide input, feedback and take on a more active behind the scenes role if so desired. This is in line with our community-run, community-led model.

Polyamory Toronto’s Group Planning meeting was established as a forum to discuss group administration and social planning. We aim for monthly meetings. Voluntary time commitment can vary from one specific event for one time only to a more in depth involvement. Please join in :)

Games Night with BoardAgain Games – December 17, 2015

Come out for our popular monthly games night, co-hosted by BoardAgain Games! We’ll have the exclusive use of the space this evening, and as always, we’ll have a wide range of games on tap. Conquer galaxies, build empires, unmask spies… trade, barter, collaborate, and backstab… fight for your very life across the surface of a tabletop, alongside your fellow polyfolk!

Chat and Learn Saturday in Toronto ~ December 19, 2015

Chat and Learn Monday in Toronto ~ December 21, 2015

This months topic: New Relationship Energy

Our Chat & Learns are a gathering of peers who come together for discussion and exchange of views on various topics surrounding Polyamory. A limit of no more than 20 people creates an ideal intimate setting where people are comfortable sharing their experience and opinions. They are a great opportunity for reflection and to gain greater perspective on the complexities that polyamorists encounter.

There is an elevator available for this event.

Hot Kiss ~ Oasis Aqualounge – December 27, 2015

We will be co-hosting the December 27 Hot Kiss event! Hot Kiss is an inclusive, sex-positive affair, welcoming all genders, orientations, and relationship styles.