Community Events

Our events are private and happening across the Greater Toronto Area.

If you wish to attend any of our upcoming events visit our private meetup group at If you are not already a member, please read our Member Expectations first. Our requirements to joining are 1) a thoughtfully filled out profile (no one word answers), 2) an acceptable photo (including a privacy option) and 3) acknowledgement of reading our expectations.

 Examples of past events include:

  • Chat and Learn discussions on topics relevant to the polyamory lifestyle: Poly 101, Dealing with Jealousy, Coming Out to the People in Our Lives, Negotiating Boundaries in Open Relationships, Safer Sex Info Session, Solo Polyamory, Customizing Our Relationships, Purging Mono-centric Thinking, etc.,
  • Poly Movie Socials featuring mainstream films relevant to the poly lifestyle,
  • Socials, Potlucks and Mix & Mingles,
  • Monthly Game Nights,
  • Participation in the Pride Parade,
  • Participation and Sponsorship of Toronto’s Playground Conference,
  • Tristan Taormino “Opening Up” Workshop,
  • Reid Mihalko Workshops on Jealousy,
  • Jeff Perera’s Workshop of Being an Ally,
  • Kevin Patterson’s Workshop of Race and Polyamory,
  • Road Trips to relevant events such as the Poly Living Conference.