Happening Soon in the GTA

Our events are private and happening across the Greater Toronto Area.

If you wish to attend any of our upcoming events visit our private meetup group at meetup.com. If you are not already a member follow the steps there to apply for membership of our group.

Pride Parade 2016 ~ July 3, 2016

5th Annual Polyamory Toronto involvement in Toronto Pride Parade

Eva will be on the steps of the Rogers building at 1:15 to meet those interested in marching with Polyamory Toronto. The Rogers Building is located on the south side of Bloor Street, just east of Ted Rogers Way. Our Check in time is 1:30 and we should be directed to line up shortly after that. Our group code to line up is F6. Please look for us either on the stairs of the Rogers Building between 1:15-1:35 or in staging area F.


This is the 5th time our polyamory group will be marching in Toronto’s hugely attended annual Pride Parade!

1 million + spectators attend the Parade each year! This is an amazing opportunity for us to spread the polyamory message!

If you are a proud believer in polyamory/ ethical non-monogamy/ open relationships and support LGBTTIQQ2SA initiatives, this is an opportunity to show your pride!

Come one, come many and let us make our poly pride a success!!

The parade will go roughly until 6PM, but from previous experience we know it may go a bit later so we suggest those of you coming out not make plans right after.

If you have any privacy concerns, worry not! You may wear whatever disguise or costume you wish! In fact the official Pride info encourages us to go all out in terms of costumes & display!

We have two banners with our group name and logo and various other banners with supported poly sayings on them for others to carry.  We will also have red and blue umbrellas for people to carry; these colours support our logo and will unify us as a group.  We strongly urge all members to make their own banners to carry as well.  Please look through our photo album of previous years for some great ideas: Pride March 2012!, Pride March 2013World Pride March 2014 and Pride 2015.

If you have any whistles, megaphones, or other noise-makers to bring to the parade, please don’t hesitate. Please post any comments/ questions/ suggestions in the Comments area below.

Again, let’s take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and tell Toronto and the world polyamory is a valid option & lifestyle!

Self-Determination,­ Sex Positivity and Polyamory ~ What Does it All Mean? ~ July 6, 2016

Polyamory isn’t about how many relationships are active at any moment, and not at all about sex. Rather, it’s about knowing that each person has the right to choose whatever sexual/relationship structure works best for that person (in honest communication with all other stakeholders). So polyamory is really about self-determination: the right to live your own life your own way, free from societal pressure.

But so are lots of things. Women’s rights, LGBT struggles, issues around race and class, and much more. Sometimes we say this as “there’s no such thing as polyamory.” That is, polyamory isn’t a separate thing, but rather it’s just an example or special case of something much larger: self-determination, living your own life your own way.

By re-framing polyamory to highlight this classic American ideal, we tap into a solid positive mindset about all this; avoid the distracting question of sex and who does what with who (because in this framing it has no bearing); and create openings to connect with other movements of people dealing with self-determination issues in their own communities. All this helps create broader, less charged, and more productive conversations.

And what does “sex-positive” really mean? Surprisingly, at its core “sex-positive” has little to do with sex itself. It has more to do with defusing the negative charge our culture has placed on anything related to sex, pleasure, or personal fulfillment. Sex-negativity is one of our culture’s most strongly held convictions. It’s why we can’t talk easily and freely about sex the way we talk about almost anything else we do. Every person in our society is raised to be sex-negative, just as every person in our society is raised to be racist, homophobic, and sexist. And as with those, our patterns of behavior and belief are often so deeply rooted that we have difficulty even recognizing them as patterns at all, and that a problem exists.

In this workshop we will use a variety of activities and tools to examine these culturally reinforced fantasies, begin to recognize these patterns, and consider whether they serve us in our lives.

This is a discussion workshop, with audience questions and comments encouraged.

A bit about our presenters:

Barry and Cathy Smiler have been presenters and organizers in polyamory and related communities for many years, on both the east and west coast. They are both members of the global Polyamory Leadership Network, and former organizers of East Bay Poly in California. They now live in Maryland, where they lead and produce events for the polyamory and related communities through BmorePoly, which has more than 2800 members and offers over 50 events every month throughout the entire DC/MD/VA area.

Games Night ~ July 9, 2016

There’s this thing in game theory called a “zero-sum game”: if you win, then I lose, and if you lose, I win. Harsh, huh? So we’re going to focus for this event on a different kind of game: co-operative games. You win, I win, we all win… sounds nice, doesn’t it? (Well, except when we all lose 🙂 …) There’s a metaphor here for how polyamory works, if you like…but let’s not get carried away!

We’ll be playing a wide range of games. Come join a team: battle viruses and monsters, explore the desert, put on fireworks displays, solve mysteries! Or if you want a little spice, we have a few hidden role games, too… everyone’s on the same team, sure, but can you really trust them? There may be a traitor in your midst….

As usual, if you’re not into the night’s theme, that’s fine: there are lots more games on our shelves to play!

This event is co-hosted with BoardAgain Games, a gaming collective that specializes in games that are easy to learn and fun to play, but offer enough depth for serious players. B.A.G.’s members are also part of the Toronto poly community. They will facilitate throughout the evening, explaining rules and making sure everyone’s involved and having a great time.

We look forward to seeing you!

Group Planning Meeting ~ Open to all Members ~ July 17, 2016

Members of the group are invited to attend community leadership meetings; to listen to the discussion, provide input, feedback and take on a more active behind the scenes role if so desired. This is in line with our community-run, community-led model.

Polyamory Toronto’s Group Planning meeting was established as a forum to discuss group administration and social planning. We aim for monthly meetings. Voluntary time commitment can vary from one specific event for one time only to a more in depth involvement. Please join in 🙂

Chocolate Crawl Part Deux 🙂 ~ July 16, 2016

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ~ Charles M. Schulz

This year, we’ll feast our way through the Distillery District, starting at Roselle Desserts (362 King Street East) at 1:30 pm.  We’ll walk to 6 more delicious destinations from there, where you can enjoy pastries, cakes, tarts, cookies, macarons, and ice cream if the weather’s hot, then relax at a park.

Dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes.  Please bring enough cash to cover whatever treats you purchase ($25-$35, if you can match Mel’s appetite 😉

Chat and Learn Monday in Toronto ~ July 18, 2016

This months topic: TBD

As with any Chat and Learn we hold, this event is strongly determined by you and your level of participation. 

There is an elevator available for this event.

FLAWLESS Brunch – An event for women, trans, non-binary, and genderqueer members ~ July 23, 2016

Welcome to the third in a series of events for members of PolyTO who identify as women, trans, NB, or GQ. This time it’s brunch, next time we take over the city! Or maybe I’m getting ahead of myself…

We’ve booked a spot a great spot for brunch You can wander around and check out the many food stations. You’ll have lots to choose from, not just breakfast—but who doesn’t like breakfast? Really? Ok, alright, no plate shaming, I promise.

You’re welcome to bring friends or partners who identify as women, trans, NB, or GQ. But for this event, we ask that you not bring cis-male partners and friends.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Monthly Meet and Greet ~ July 25, 2016

This is a safe space for members to gather in a casual, informal setting to meet’n’mingle with other members, have a beverage, have a meal, or take it all in at your own comfort level.

Oasis Aqualounge ~ Miss F’s Flirty & 40 Birthday Bash ~ July 31, 2016

Polyamory Toronto invites you to Oasis Aqua Lounge!

We will be co-hosting the July 31 party at Oasis: Miss F’s Flirty & 40 Birthday Bash! Miss F produces the Hot Kiss events we have co-hosted. Music will be courtesy of DJ Recklezz, and there will be a special performance by Miss Butter.

Note that 50% of the proceeds are coming back into our group funds; this is a great opportunity for you to have fun while supporting our future events. Please join our group for more information.

Oasis is a beautifully restored 19th century mansion offering an exciting spa, with a hot tub, dry sauna, and a beautiful outdoor heated pool in a private courtyard.

Enjoy drinks from the cash bar while lounging in the outdoor heated pool, hot tub, and sauna, chatting with community members and other Oasis guests, and enjoying the dance floor. There are beautifully decorated play areas on the upper floors, for those interested in more intimate experiences.

Oasis will be open to the general public during this party. This event is open to all genders, as well as singles. This is a great opportunity to meet other Oasis guests who may be interested in learning about our community.

New to Oasis?: We realize that some people in our group have not been to a place like Oasis before, and may not know what to expect. Therefore, one of our event hosts would be happy to provide a guided tour, to give you a sense of what to expect in different areas, and answer any questions you may have.

Dress Code: Swimsuits, lingerie, or whatever you feel most comfortable wearing (or not wearing!). Oasis is a clothing optional environment. Towels will be provided at no additional charge.

Music: Provided by DJ Recklezz.

Consent Policy: Everything that happens at Oasis must be 100% consensual, and you are not obligated, and should not feel pressured to do anything that you are not comfortable with. Some couples and singles enjoy Oasis for the relaxing and sophisticated spa environment. Others may engage more intimately with the person they came with, and/or with otherswith consent.

The 3rd floor of Oasis is where the playrooms are located. We have received feedback from our members that undesired lurking and invasion of personal space have occurred previously. To proactively address this issue moving forward, and with focus on comfort and consent, cis-men will only be permitted on the 3rd floor when accompanied by a play partner. This is to ensure negotiations occur outside of the 3rd floor space, and to avoid issues of objectification and invasion of space that have occurred in this environment. While this is not a perfect solution, we believe it is a reasonable compromise. If you have further questions, please contact either Daniel or Eva.

Cost: $50 for men or couples, free for women, non-binary and trans folk. This is a $10 discount for Polyamory Toronto members who pay in advance. Please join our group for more information.

Family Camping Weekend ~ August 19-21, 2016

We’ve booked 6 6-person sites at an Ontario Provincial Park. Let’s go Poly Camping!!